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"Our aim is to explore and preserve the history of our village for present and future generations to enjoy"

As a group we explore all aspects of the village of Coxhoe from street life to sporting life and welcome all information from wherever it may come, that helps us widen everyones knowledge of Coxhoe and its history, be it written, recorded or photographed.

It's all history!

Whilst the main focus of our meetings is the study and research into Coxhoe past we also learn about the wider aspects of local history through a programme of visiting speakers. Group members interest varies from the local enthusiast to the casually curious.

We aim to keep our meetings relaxed, informal and friendly with:

  • A varied programme provide by guest speakers.
  • "Tea & Talk" sessions with time to reminisce and share the latest research.
  • Our latest 'finds' on display e.g. photos, documents & reserach

Casual Visitors to our meetings are always welcomed, why not come along and give it a try?

For a full list of 2018 meeting dates and programme visitWhats on

Whats New

Welcome to Coxhoe History Group website. We hope our research and records will be of interest to family historians, genealogists and local historians.

This year witness 100 years since the beginning of World War 1. Coxhoe Local History group intend to mark this historic event with an exhibition that will focus upon the effect that the outbreak of war had upon the village and it's inhabitants, looking at everyday life and the way war impacted on local families, theough to the brave young men who took the Kings shilling and marched away to war, some never to return.

The group are appealing for memories, including photographs of the time, letters home from the front and other memorabilia that will enhance our knowledeg and bring ouir history to life.

Can you help? If so please contact any member of the hsitory group using the "Contact Us" Facility available on the website. We would be delighted to hear from you


The site is updated on a regular basis.  We are always looking for new information and would be delighted to receive any memories or photographs which you are able to share with us.  If you cannot find what you are looking for on the website please feel free to contact us through the contact for on the About Us page.  We may be able to help.

Two photographs have been loaned to the History Group by Henry Curry and copied for the archive. Many will remember Hudson & Browns Garage on Blackgate, which is still in place today though much changed from the image shown here. The gentleman in the photograph is George Hudson, a talented motor mechanic and engineer. The photo was taken to the rear of 3 Co-operative Terrace, Coxhoe. George Hudson has an interesting story to tell but that will come later. Clicking each image will open a larger one. Use the back button to return.


Whats On

Next Meeting

January 11th 2018

7:00 pm Coxhoe Village Hall


A talk by local historian Joe Ward


Why not come along and join in one of our monthly meetings? We are a small but friendly bunch of people whose aim is to preserve the history of Coxhoe for future generations. You may not think so but everyone has something to offer and add to our rich heritage and history, be it memories or material objects, we will always be pleased to see you and welcome you along.

A small charge of £3:00 is levied at each meeting to cover the costs of visiting speakers, refreshments and the hire of the room.

How to find us follow the link for the location of Coxhoe Village Hall

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

The dates for our 2016 programme are now available.

Visit our Whats on page for more information.

Visit our Archive Page to discover whats gone before

 About Coxhoe

Coxhoe has a rich and diverse heritage.  Its early medieval village lay on the slopes below a manor house.  Later the village developed into a small rural community around a turnpike road.
The late 19th and early 20th centuries marked a period of rapid growth and change to the basic structure.  Its population increased dramatically as its natural assets of coal, limestone and clay were exploited to provide for the demands of the industrial revolution.  The village quickly grew as housing was hurriedly erected for an expanding industrial workforce.

The medieval manor house was later developed and the house –Coxhoe Hall – was formed as the birthplace of poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Rebuilt in 1725 in a Georgian Gothic style, it was considered to be one of the finest houses in County Durham.


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A Visit to Remember

Dennis Harrison

Every year at this time we lay our wreath on the Village War Memorial to remember those who gave up their lives for their country.
Todays service was made all the more poignant and special with the presence of Dennis Harrsion, soon to be 90 years of age who attended, accompanied by his son Damian, to remember his brother Laurence Elgar Harrison. A RAF Sergreant Laurence was a Wireless operator / Air Gunner who lost his life when the Wellington Bomber he was flying in ditched in the Spey Bay after suffering engine failure after taking of from RAF Lossiemouth on 27/11/1942.
Dennis was born in Blackgate House in Coxhoe in 1927 and recalls many stories of growing up in Coxhoe during the 1930's and 40's. He subsequently married and went to live in Darlington, where he resides to this day.
Dennis has long held a wish to return to Coxhoe on Remembrance Sunday and lay a wreath in remembrance of his older brother. Today that wish came to fruition when his son Damian travelled from Rochdale to enable his Dad to lay the wreath.
Coxhoe Parish Council made sure that a wreath was made available for Dennis to lay. We will be keeping in touch with Dennis and Damian in an effort to help them further their research and for the Harrison family to help the History group record some memories for our own archive.

Coxhoe & District War Memorial

Coxhoe History Group are currently lobbying Coxhoe Parish Council to reposition the flagpole which has been erected immediately in front of the Coxhoe and District War Memorial. The Parish Council are seeking the views of the public before making a decision. Below is the History groups response which includes our reasons and rationale for seeking the relocation of the flagpole. Please feel free to contact the Parish Council and express your view.

You can contact the Parish Council on email at clerk@coxhoeparishcouncil.gov.uk

The parish council Website http://www.coxhoeparishcouncil.gov.uk/

Via Twitter :- @CoxhoePCouncil

Facebook :- https://en-gb.facebook.com/coxhoe.parishcouncil/

Coxhoe and District War Memorial was paid for by public subscription and fundraising efforts following the cessation of the hostilities of WW1. It was unveiled in 1922 originally on the wall of the Literary Institute / Reading Rooms, which were demolished when the current Village Hall was built in 1932 and the memorial plaque was placed in its current location in the war memorial garden setting.

In 2009 the war memorial garden was showing it’s age and representatives of Coxhoe Parish Council, Coxhoe Village Hall, Coxhoe partnership and Coxhoe history group worked together with a landscape architect on the war memorial garden transformation project.  A £47,000 grant from the national lottery community spaces fund paid for work including removing the gates, widening the entrance, shaped yorkstone paving and lawn, sensitive lighting and appropriately placed seating all to ensure the memorial stood proud as a centrepiece in the garden and village both day  and night. 

In 2015/16 the war memorials trust contacted the parish council as part of the WW1 commemoration to ask if the memorial could be listed to give it special status and this was agreed.

Coxhoe & District War Memorial honours the men of the local area who died in WW1 and WW2. The Memorial is listed under The Planning (listed buildings & Conservation areas) Act 1990 as amended for its special architectural or historic Interest, by Historic England, a body set up to protect historic buildings and structures in England, Coxhoe War Memorial being such a structure.
The erection of a flagpole immediately in front of the Coxhoe & District War Memorial has provoked discussion as to the appropriateness of its current position.

The War Memorials Trust, a charitable body whose main function is the preservation of war memorials and the settings in which they stand, has expressed concern in respect of the flagpoles position immediately in front of the memorial because it takes the focus away from the stone and plinth. Indeed had it been consulted upon publicly the War Memorial Trust would have raised objections.  The same view has been expressed by Historic England.

Both bodies issue guidance in respect of Conservation and Management of War Memorial Landscapes which includes additions to existing memorials. To quote from the guidance

“Works which constitute development defined as ‘the carrying out of building or engineering or other operations in on under or over land or making of any materials change in the use or any building or other land’. This includes putting up new structures, rebuilding, alterations or additions to structures and demolition within a conservation area “

Such alterations technically require Listed Building Consent and it would have been appropriate to consult the with The War Memorials Trust, Historic England and the community for their view before the flagpole was erected in its current position.

It is important within Coxhoe that our history and heritage is valued, recorded and protected so that future generations can appreciate, enjoy and understand its relevance and place within our village.

Opposition has never been about the inclusion of a flagpole in the precincts of the village hall nor the memorial garden. Indeed a flagpole appropriately placed can enhance an area providing it is situated in the correct place and is in keeping with its surroundings. The issue is not and never has been about the flagpole as a structure, it is about where the flagpole has been placed.

The following Images show the changes to the memorial garden before it was improved and opened up, after the works were completed in 2009, and the inclusion of the flagpole and the visual effect on the Memorial stone and plinth following its erection in 2016.

Clicking on each image will open up a full size image. Please remember to click the back button to go back to this page.

Coxhoe Church School

Coxhoe Church of England School, which has been a prominent feature of Coxhoe Front Street, but was ravaged by fire last year has finally been demolished to make way for new housing and a retail unit. The stone cross which adorned the front elevation of the building was sadly destroyed in the process despite the best efforts of the demolition company to remove it intact. The pictures below show a little of the demolition in progress

Each photo can be clicked upon to open up a larger version. Clicking the back button takes you back to the home page.

Carnaby Brick discovery

News has reached the history group via email from Dan Koss, in Michigan, USA, that the discovery of a long lost copper mine known as Cape Exploration Mine from 1851, in the Keeweenaw Penisula in Lake Superior has revealed hearth bricks manufactured by Carnaby of Coxhoe with the makers name stamped on the brick.

We are awaiting images and more information from Dan, so watch this space for any updates and on Twitter @coxhoehistory

The Cornforth Pottery

A new housing development to the rear of The Potteries at the South side of the village has undergone an archaeological survey prior to house building taking place. It was well documented that the CornforthPottery business had existed on the site since the 19th Century, making earthenware, bricks, tiles and pipes at differing stages of its development. The archaelogical work that has been undertaken has revealed fantastic evidence of the brickmaking and potting process.

The Archaeological team involved will be speaking to the History group at July's meeting. It is a great opportunity to come along and find out about an important piece of Coxhoes industrial history.

Images of the pottery revealed during the excavations.



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